1.You choose the package you want.

2. Pay thru 1.Paypal 2.Bank transfer 3. Cheque 4.Net Banking 5.Cash Payment 6. Western Union 7.Skrill  8.Bitcoin  9.Payoneer.

3. After payment, fill the form and put in your website URL and choose your traffic source network any one with full details .

4. After you fill out the form and submit it, we will get an email with the data filled in.

5.We will send you an email the start your traffic service within 1-24 hours after your purchased and once start your service, We will notified by email and get you full update.

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 Excellent Alexa Rank

Real Website Traffic

 Excellent Alexa Rank

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 Excellent Alexa Rank

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Real Website Traffic

You´ll receive at least the displayed amount of traffic to your website every day during your subscription.
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6000 - 9000 Visitors 1 Month

Traffic From Around The World

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 No bot, no proxies, no panel traffic                                          100% adsense safe

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 Google analytic tractable traffic                                               Excellent alexa rank

 1 days money back guarantee                                                     Guaranteed 110% over delivery 

200 - 300 Visitors Per Day

300 - 500 Visitors 

1 Month

 Google Adsense Friendly

Traffic From Around The World

Real Website Traffic


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Guaranteed 100% Over Delivery

I contacted the support of RJInfosoft.com with some questions I felt dumb about. Thank you for the explanation! I just bought my second traffic plan.

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RJInfosoft.com’s traffic is great; that’s a given. But what really keeps me returning is their support. Sandor is very resourceful and helpful! Thank you!

Guaranteed 100% Over Delivery

10500 - 15000 Visitors 1 Month

Real Website Traffic

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Real Website Traffic

Thanks for the prompt response Sandor, and thank you for the visitors. I see a nice bump in the stats! I’ll be ordering more, sign-ups increased nicely!


Unlimited Website Traffic From Around The World

We provide 5+ million visitors each day. Purchase cheap traffic & boost your website!

All social traffic from 300+ millions member groups and fan pages!

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I bought the 24000 plan and got a 4 sales earnings on the 18007th visit. Made $109 already on my $25 investment. If I get a few more earnings from the remaining 5493 visits, I’ll be more than happy!

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214000 - 30000 Visitors 1 Month

51000 - 60000 Visitors 1 Month

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Guaranteed 100% Over Delivery

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Traffic From Around The World

 Google Adsense Friendly

​​​1. Why should I need to buy traffic service?
Answer: There has many reason to buy traffic service. For example: If you have website or blog and if you do not receive enough traffic or low traffic or no traffic, Your website has no value. Google will not consider your site for google rank. And alexa rank never will get up. Product never sell to your expect clients. Adviser never will publish advertise on your site due to low traffic. I mean it is blood of your site. So, traffic should need if you want to move forward with your site.

2. What is source base traffic?
Answer: Source base traffic means you will get traffic by referral sites. For example: Twitter and  Facebook etc.

3. What is different between social traffic and other traffic?
Answer: All our social traffic done by manually post on our 300
+ millions member groups and fan pages.

4. Are you using software or bot for sending traffic?
Answer: No! And of course not? We only done this work manually post on 300
+ millions member groups and fan pages.

5. Can I use short url?
Answer: No!

6. Is this traffic will show my Google analytic?
Answer: Yes! You can track traffic by your own google analytic.

7. What is contractual period?
Answer: Contractual period means, which you have purchased for receiving traffic for a certain time frame. For example: For 30 days. You will receive traffic within this time, once I start your service to expired of contract.

8. Can I choose one more source for one order?
Answer: No! you can not do it. One source for one order because we work on separate social network.​

9. Can I buy one more time for extra traffic?
Answer: Yes

10. Can I choose one more source if I order for service extras?
Answer: Yes

11. What type of url do you accept?
Answer: We are accepting all valid URL. 

12. Is this traffic safe for my advertise or search engine?
Answer: This traffic 100% safe for any advertiser. And it is safe for all Google update.

13. Is this service money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes! If you can proof your site get penalty by advertiser by my service, I will refund you 100% without any question. But over 3 years anybody can not claim like this. And from my side, this traffic is 100% safe.

14. Can I choose traffic by country targeted?
Answer: No, you can not choose country targeted traffic. We are not working for any specific country. Because we are manually post on 300
+ millions member groups and fan pages.

15. Will you notify me after start of traffic?
Answer: Yes! our team will notify you. And get you full update report just moment after start of traffic. And you can track from that time.

16. Will you provide report?
Answer: Yes, depend on customers requirement.You can track by yourself URL from start date to ending date on google analytic or any other trackable system.

17. When will you start my traffic service?
Answer: We will start your traffic service within 1-24 hours after your purchased and once start your service, We will get you full update

18. How much traffic can I get each day?
Answer: It is depend on your package 200-2000 per day .

19. Is there any hidden condition for this service?
Answer: No! i disclose all in my service details and including frequently ask question. Rather you must to know below condition: This Condition Apply for order delivery: I will setup your order within 1-24 hours and I will provide you full order update as delivery with report and your order and job will continue until contractual time even if your order for 30 days or more days even orders mark as completed.

20. Can I contact with you, if I get any problem to receiving traffic in contractual period?
Answer: Yes and of course! We request you, If you feel any problem, Just inform us and we will more happy if you contact with us about your issue. And our team always ready to solve your problem in very quick time. 

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"There has many reasons. The most importance reasons are pointed here. If you have website or blog and if you do not receive enough traffic or low traffic or no traffic, Really your website has no value on internet. Google will not consider your site for making Google rank. And Alexa rank never will get up. Product never sell to your expected clients. Adviser never will publish advertise on your site and click will never happen due to low traffic or no traffic. I mean traffic is blood of your website. So, should go for traffic for making valuable of your site on search engine."

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I’m happy that I decided to buy traffic and more than satisfied with the results. I’m now buying multiple traffic packages monthly. I couldn’t be more happy!

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