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A few months ago I was just starting out in the world of websites, google, and ads. Everything went great untill I realized after researching, that it is very difficult to get your own adsense account. Well in the world of websites you cant go very far without adsense. I was linked here by a friend, and i was shocked at how cheap they were offering this service for. Now months later after my first couple adsense checks came in the mail, I have the guys at rjinfosoft.com to thank!                                                      

Anuradha Gupta
Web Designer, Mumbai, India

Advance Website With  Hosting .COM

" If you have website or blog ?

Your google adsense application get rejected ?

Your account still under review ?

You are get failed to adsense account approval ?

or Your adsense account banned / disabled ?

by them don't worry "​

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. Account's are real?
Answer: Adsense account are 100% real and genuine and our expert while creating adsense account follow Adsense policy.

2. How much take time to approved adsense account?
Answer: -Normaly take time for adsense approval 10-30 days depending upon your country. But here we're selling already approved account so no need to wait 10-30 days now delivey adsense account within 1-3 hours.

3. Difference between Hosted and Non-Hosted Account?
Answer: Hosted :- Can be used on Youtube with 55% earning commissions & 
Non-Hosted :- Can be used on any Website with 68% earning commissions.

4. Is there any Guarantee?
Answer: Yes! If we are fail to deliver your adsense account on time then will give 100 % refund to you. 

5. Do you include Hosting and Domain?
Answer: Yes!  Our advance website package we offer design with .com domain and hosting for 1 Year.

6. Is there any special package for wholesale?
Answer: Yes!
​ Contact our support team for wholesale adsense accounts.

7. Which type website do you provide in complete package ?
Answer: Sample blog for $150 package -  Click Here   ,   Sample advance website for $200 package - Click Here

8. Why should be buy account from rjinfosoft.com ?
Answer: Rjinfosoft.com use adsense policy and also use white hat method to create adsense account.

9. Why R.J Infosoft takes money while providing Google Adsense Accounts?
Answer: The most important reasons are if you have website or blog and if you are get failed to adsense account approval or get ban by google adsense.

So we work for your adsense approval which requires time and  skill. That's purpose R.J. Infosoft takes money from you.

10. Why a customer could not claim R.J. Infosoft for any kinds of issues/troubles arises by Google adsense company?
Answer: Google adsense is not a product of R.J. Infosoft. It is a product of google and all controls are on Google so responsibility is on Google and you 

yourself. Thus, A customer could not claim R.J. Infosoft for any issues.

11. Why a google Adsense Buyer could not blame R.J. Infosoft for disabling of adsense accounts?
Answer: A google Adsense buyer could not blame R.J. Infosoft because the authorities of Adsense account is not under R.J. Infosoft and also R.J.
Infosoft explains to follow the terms and conditions of Adsense. As Adsense is a product of Google it auto/manually checks and disabled account if it finds users violate its policy.

12. How we accept payment ?
Answer: There are 7 option you can make payment 1. Payoneer account and Credit Cards / Visa Cards/ MasterCard / Amex / Discover 2. Bank transfer

3. Bitcoin 4. Skrill 5. MoneyGram 6. Western Union 7. Esewa  if can”t make payment by these method Contact us.

13. Can i buy clicks ?
Answer: No, Adsense will ban your account as soon as it found that your are not following adsense policy.

14. When i get a verifying Pin from Google ?
Answer: After your adsense account earns a certain $10 plus amount of money, Google adsense will send you a pin on your registered address Or call Adsense and
they will give you a pin.

15. Can i receive adsense pin code from any country address?
Answer: No, must want same country of adsense account address for adsense pin code receive.

16. How can i verify Pin ?
Answer: After receiving pin enter your Pin in your adsense account and its done

17. Is there any hidden condition for this service?
Answer: No! I disclose all in my service details and including frequently ask question. Rather you must to know below condition This Condition Apply
for order delivery I will setup your order within 1-3 hours and I will provide you full order update as delivery on your email and order mark as completed.

18. How to Contact us ?
Answer: You can contact us by phone, email or online chat whatsapp and skype.

"Please contact after we receive your order" 

We are accepting adsense order from any countries

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"There are many reasons. The most important reasons are pointed here. If you have website or blog and if you are get failed to adsense account or get ban by Google adsense. We know its very hard to get approved adsense account for new users even they started the double approval method. They have their own terms and conditions to make adsense account approval. Even if you have website or blog which come under  terms and conditions of Google adsense you get rejected by them."

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Take our US tax submission service for your US adsense account.

We're submit real and verified tax for your adsense account.

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"We know that how you are feeling that time. We are now providing all people who are get failed to get adsense account or get ban by Google adsense. "


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My search is over! I had gotten banned from my old adsense account for no real reason (that i saw anyway). I am glad I found this site and its service. Other sites wanted hundreds for a new adsense account, I found the deal of the century here! I was holding out untill i found the best deal for an adsense account, like I said, my search is over!
Linda Head
Content Writer, United States

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After all the work I do on my websites, to see that I get banned from adsense, makes me very frustrated. To say the least. Plain and simple, you cant find a cheaper and more professional place to buy an adsense account. Quicker delivery than any other service I have used in the past. Did I mention the price super low, compared to like... everywhere else? Amazing Service!
 Maureen Moreno
 Online Media Consultant, Australia

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For  USA, UK, India

For  USA, UK, India

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